ReadyNAS Photos II 1.0.6 released

ReadyNAS Photos II 1.0.6 has just been released to address several issues, most importantly a potential crash when running with Flash 11.x.  To update, just go to the Installed Add-ons page in FrontView (Ultra, Pro, NVX) or click on the ReadyNAS Photos II icon on the Dashboard (Duo/NV+ v2), and click on the Update button.

Here’s the list of changes since version 1.0.5:

  • Fixed issue with Flash Player 11.  Flash player may freeze during browsing photos.
  • Fixed case sensitivity issue when uploading photos from Linux.
  • Fixed issue when importing locally from the ReadyNAS if there empty folder(s) exist.
  • Fixed issue when importing locally from the ReadyNAS when file name contains non-ascii characters (such as European diacritic).
  • Fixed minor layout issue in management page on IE9.
  • Fixed bug which prevents proper scrolling of Album listing on Android devices.

ReadyNAS Photos II v1.0.5 released

We’ve just released a minor update for the ReadyNAS Photos II add-on.  To get the update, just go to the FrontView Add-ons/Available tab, and click on the Update button for Photos II.  Here’s a list of changes since v1.0.4.

  • Fixed problem when uploading photos via email with empty subject line.
  • Fixed minor issues with slideshow songlist management UI.
  • Fixed various minor bugs in the backend processes.
  • Enhanced support for new mobile device OS’es (iOS5 and Android 4.0).

Just released – ReadyNAS Photos II 1.0.4

September 14, 2011

NETGEAR is pleased to announce the release of ReadyNAS Photos II 1.0.4 (x86).  This latest update will work on the following platforms:

  • ReadyNAS Ultra 2/Plus
  • ReadyNAS Ultra 4/Plus
  • ReadyNAS Ultra 6/Plus
  • ReadyNAS Pro 2
  • ReadyNAS Pro 4
  • ReadyNAS Pro 6
  • ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition
  • ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition
  • ReadyNAS NVX
  • ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition

If you don’t have RAIDiator 4.2.17 or later, you will need to update your ReadyNAS firmware before using ReadyNAS Photos II.  If you haven’t installed ReadyNAS Photos II, you can go to the Add-ons/Available tab in FrontView, and simply click Install in the RAIDiator Photos II box.

If you’ve been using ReadyNAS Photos II, you can update by going to the Add-ons/Installed tab in FrontView, and click on Update.

The following are changes since ReadyNAS Photos II 1.0.1.  Interim 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 releases have been made but not publicly announced.

New features and enhancements

1. Added option to keep user Photos data when removing the add-on.
2. Show caption on slideshow and large photo view.
3. Added multiple background music playlist for the slideshow.
4. Fade background music towards end of slideshow.
5. Added sort function to allow sorting of photos in upload/import order, capture order, or custom order.
6. Added bookmark support.
7. Added email upload option from photographer-only, photographer and invited guests, and anyone.
8. Improved Favorite listing to show all guests with favorites.
9. Added counter option for photographers (album views, photo views, favorites)

Bug fixes

1. Fixed memory leak issue with Photos II which might cause an out of memory situation under certain environment.
2. Avoid spinning up disks in disk spin-down mode.
3. Fixed photos backup option in the Add-on management page.
4. Improved compatibility with various routers.
5. Preserve timestamp when importing from a ReadyNAS folder.


1. Multiple background music requires iOS 4.2.1 or later on Apple mobile devices.
2. This version of Photos II requires RAIDiator 4.2.17 or later.

Getting Started with ReadyNAS Photos II

ReadyNAS Photos II is available for the following Intel-based ReadyNAS desktop systems running RAIDiator 4.2.17 or later:

ReadyNAS Ultra 2/4/6
ReadyNAS Ultra 2/4/6 Plus
ReadyNAS Pro 2/4/6
ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer
ReadyNAS Pro Business
ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer

If you don’t have one of these, what are you waiting for?  GO GET ONE! ;-)

Now, just follow the video on how you can install the add-on and create your first photographer account and album!

Alternatively, you can download the ReadyNAS Photos II add-on and install it from the Add-ons/Add New menu option in FrontView.


About ReadyNAS Photos II

You’ve used Flickr™, Picasa™, or other online photo sharing services, but you’ve always wanted something a little more.  You’ve looked into hosting something on your own, perhaps something more personal, but you just didn’t want to bother with setting up and maintaining a system just for that.  What if you could do that straight from a NETGEAR ReadyNAS?  If you’ve owned a ReadyNAS, you know it can already do so much — backup, file sharing, media streaming, remote access, and a host of other functions provided by add-ons.  Now with NETGEAR’s latest add-on¹, ReadyNAS Photos II, you can host your own premium photo site – and it won’t cost you a penny.

Photos are shared straight from the ReadyNAS

With ReadyNAS Photos II, you’ll enjoy the benefits of serving your photos from the ReadyNAS.

1. You’re uploading your photos directly to the ReadyNAS on your local network, so upload time will be much quicker.

2. Since your photos are stored on your ReadyNAS, your photos don’t get affected when online services change terms, merge, or simply go out of business

3. Your photo capacity is limited only by the capacity of your ReadyNAS – you never pay extra whether you have one album to share or a thousand.

4. Photos II also provide a lot of the premium features that either don’t exist with online services or are charged at premium prices.

Slideshows with background music and full-screen HD quality

Your photo slideshows you share with family and friends at home really come alive with music – the music can literally be the difference between a boring slideshow and one that brings joy, laughter, and tears.  But if you’ve ever wanted to share the same effect online, you’re pretty much out of luck.  Until now, that is.  With ReadyNAS Photos II, your slideshows are guaranteed to be game-changers.  Not only will you have music, your photos can be re-ordered to fit your music, and your photos can be projected in full-screen HD quality to a large HDTV.

The best photo viewing experience available

Much has been said about the pros and cons of Adobe Flash, but frankly, there’s nothing browser-based that beats the smoothness and richness of the user experience you get with Flash.  If you look at all the top photography sites, there’s a reason why they’ve used Flash and continue to do so.  However, Flash and mobile devices, as we all know, don’t mix.  So with ReadyNAS Photos II, on mobile devices, you’ll get the best non-Flash experience possible, and on devices supporting Flash, you’ll get the uncompromising viewer experience you’d expect from a premium service.

Optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android mobile devices

There’s no doubt that a lot of photo viewing is happening on mobile devices, and we’ve optimized ReadyNAS Photos II for the popular smart phones and pad devices.  Your viewers will get the same slideshow background music and sharp quality display whether your photos are viewed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

Upload photos from your mobile devices anywhere

Mobile phones are becoming a great way to take pictures and instantly send them off via email.  With ReadyNAS Photos II, each photographer can be assigned a unique email account that can be used to send photos straight to a specified album.  This is a great way for instance for friends and relatives to enjoy the sights as you are simply by monitoring the shared album as you travel.  Or, others can contribute to your album if you reveal the email address.  The special P.I.N. can be changed if you later decide to restrict email uploads.

Stunning cover-flow to quickly view your photos

Click on a photo thumbnail and flip quickly through photos with the cover-flow view, and your photos will float across your screen.  Click on the cover-flow image, and you can view the photo in full-browser window or full-screen/high resolution mode.

Multiple categories per album

An event, like a wedding, can consist of photos taken before the ceremony, during the ceremony, and the reception.  Being able to combine these shoots into one album, yet providing a way to separate the shoot puts a touch of professionalism in your presentation, and that’s what ReadyNAS Photos II allows with album categories.  Album categories are like chapters, and your slideshow can transition seamlessly to the next with the appropriate category titling and description.  Features like this can make your slideshows standout from the rest.

Viewers feedback to confirm your photography prowess

Photo enthusiasts and professionals alike want feedback, and you’ll get plenty of that with the feedback system built right into ReadyNAS Photos II.  The photographer can monitor the view count of albums and photos, check viewer ratings, comments, and see who has “favorited” the photos.  The favorite option can double as a way to see which photos photographer clients have interest in purchasing.

Multiple photographer accounts

You may have multiple photographers in your family or you may have other photographers in your business that may want to share photos from the same ReadyNAS. Photos II allows you to create multiple photographer accounts so that each photographer can share his or her own albums to separate contact lists.  And best of all, the photographers don’t need to be on your local network or have share-level access to your ReadyNAS to manage or upload their photos – they can upload and share from anywhere they have Internet access.  Think of it — your ReadyNAS essentially becomes a photo sharing service in a box.

You control who sees the albums

Only invited “private” guests are allowed to view your albums, but you can give public access to any album you wish.  Private guests only sees the albums they are shared with, and similarly, the public guests will only see the albums marked public.  Private guests are automatically remembered and can be grouped for easier sharing in the future.

Photos can be access with an encrypted link

Individual photos can be accessed directly with an encrypted URL.  This allows you to embed photos links you post online (i.e. blog, public forum), without compromising access to the rest of your albums and photos.

Set limit on downloadable resolution

As a photographer, you can protect your photos by disallowing photo downloads or restricting the resolution of the downloads.  Conversely, you can allow downloads of the original image, including RAW format if you desire.  If you are sharing the album to private and public guests, you have the flexibility of having separate download settings for each type of guests.

Invitations come in the form of a postcard

Your viewer photo sharing experience starts with the email invitation, and we make sure the invitation sent on your behalf is every bit as personal and polished as the experience they’ll have viewing the photos.  We even go as far as converting your shared album cover into a stamp.

Integrated with Eye-Fi™ Support

Eye-Fi network SD cards are a great way to upload your photos via network from your camera to your computer as you’re taking pictures.  ReadyNAS Photos II went a step further — now with a few clicks, your photos go straight to your ReadyNAS Photos II album instead, which means anyone with whom you’ve shared the album can see your photos almost instantly.

Take a test drive as a photographer

We’ve created this 10-minute video² to give you a demo of the ReadyNAS Photos II control as a photographer.  In this demo, you get to experience the process of creating an album, setting up a slideshow with music background and multiple categories, exploring different album options, and sharing the creation.

Test drive as a guest

If you want to see that end result as a guest, you can experience it by clicking on the following links:

View album listing

Run ReadyNAS Photos II on your ReadyNAS

To get started with ReadyNAS Photos II, click HERE.

If you have questions or comments, please visit the ReadyNAS Photos II section on our forum.


¹ ReadyNAS Photos II add-on is available to all Intel-based ReadyNAS systems. ² Photos for this article and video demo kindly provided by  Thao Vu Photography ( and BrearleyPhoto (


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