Cloud Backup, Storage, and Access with ReadyNAS Vault

As you may already know, your NetGear ReadyNAS product comes with the amazing features of server virtualization, file sharing, online storage consolidation and disk-based backup, enabling your business to securely share, store and protect your business-critical data across the network. However, have you ever thought about what could happen to all your files in the event of a disaster like an earthquake, hurricane or fire?  Yep, even though the ReadyNAS comes with multiple disks and industry leading software, you could lose them forever if the device itself is harmed or destroyed.  That is why your ReadyNAS product comes equipped with the option to backup your files to the cloud using the ReadyNAS Vault.  With the Vault, you will have the added peace of mind of off-site protection, as well as the convenience of anytime-anywhere access to all the files stored there.

Your ReadyNAS comes standard with a promotional account for the ReadyNAS Vault so you can take advantage of these great benefits:

•           Backup an unlimited number of devices
•           Access your data from any computer with internet access
•           Protect your data with AES 256-bit military grade encryption
•           Share files easily with friends, family, coworkers or clients
•           Schedule your backups to occur weekly, daily, hourly or continuously
•           Save multiple versions of your files

Sign up now for your promotional account to try out the ReadyNAS Vault and explore the benefits for yourself.  To find out more about the ReadyNAS Vault, check out our tutorials.

If you have any questions about ReadyNAS Vault, we have a forum section dedicated just for that — just click here.


ReadyNAS Vault 2.1.7 update released

We’re pleased to announce a maintenance upgrade to the ReadyNAS Vault that address issues reported by our Vault users. If you are a ReadyNAS Vault user, please download the add-ons below and update using the Local update method from the System/Update/Local page in FrontView.

ReadyNAS Vault add-on update (all hardware)

ReadyNAS Vault


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