ReadyNAS Facebook fan page reaches 1000 fans!!!


A while back I created a dedicated ReadyNAS fan page on Facebook so people on Facebook had a place to praise/rant/etc about ReadyNAS, and have a somewhat direct link to the ReadyNAS gurus at NETGEAR. At some point (I forget when), I proclaimed that when the fan page reached 1,000 ‘likes’, I would give away a ReadyNAS Ultra 6.

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Pro Photographer Colby Brown reviews the ReadyNAS Pro 4 and Pro 6

ReadyNAS systems have been used by quite a few photographers ever since Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape reviewed the original ReadyNAS 600 7 years ago.  Isn’t it great that a link to a post made 7 years ago still works?  Well, there’s quite a bit of revolution in digital photography since that review that interestingly put the ReadyNAS on the map, but ironically when talking with pro photographers, I’ve found that a lot of them have not heard of or don’t quite know much about the ReadyNAS.

Recently, I started using Google+ because of my serious addition to photography (you can circle yohdah here) and I came upon a well written tutorial on how to use Google+ for photographers, written by a photographer named Colby Brown.  No doubt an excellent photographer (check his website here), you can tell from his G+ posts that Colby is quite a bit more technical than your typical photographer.  We started conversing over email and he thought it’d be great if he can do a review of the ReadyNAS — not one but two — the ReadyNAS Pro 4 and the Pro 6.

Yesterday, he posted his review, based on how a professional photographer would use a ReadyNAS.  I thought he was dead on, and he gets the ReadyNAS.  Take a look — click here.


“Your Resident ReadyNAS Jedi”


ReadyNAS Duo and NV+ v2