RAIDiator 4.2.24 (x86)

July 12, 2013 by  
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NETGEAR is pleased to announce the release of RAIDiator 4.2.24 (x86), the latest firmware for the following ReadyNAS network attached storage products:

  • ReadyNAS 1500
  • ReadyNAS 2100
  • ReadyNAS 3100
  • ReadyNAS 3200
  • ReadyNAS 4200
  • ReadyNAS Ultra 2/Plus
  • ReadyNAS Ultra 4/Plus
  • ReadyNAS Ultra 6/Plus
  • ReadyNAS Pro 2
  • ReadyNAS Pro 4
  • ReadyNAS Pro 6
  • ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition
  • ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition
  • ReadyNAS NVX
  • ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition

The simplest way to update is to use the System/Update/Remote tab in Frontview. If you prefer, you can choose to do a local update by first downloading the new image here: RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24. We recommend that you update your ReadyNAS to this latest RAIDiator release to ensure your ReadyNAS is running with all the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

WARNING: If you update to 4.2.20, you will NOT be able to go back to 4.2.15 or earlier due to the automatic change in the partition format to support 3TB+ hard disks.

The following are changes since RAIDiator 4.2.23.

New Features and Enhancements:

  •  Improved DLNA operation with newer Sony devices on MKV and AVI files.
  • Updated Frontview to fix security issues.
  • Updated SMB client to make backup jobs from Windows 8 clients work properly.

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