Add-ons for RAIDiator 4.2 (x86)

The following add-ons are available for the RAIDiator 4.2.x release for the x86-based ReadyNAS systems. To install the add-on, you will need to download the add-on image and install it in the System/Update/Local tab. You will need to reboot after some add-on installation.

Installed Add-ons (under Services)

ReadyNAS_Photos (v2.2 Mar 31, 2009) – Use this add-on to update or re-install ReadyNAS Photos if you have previously removed it from the Services>Installed AddOns page.

BitTorrent (v1.3 Sep 15, 2008) – Use this add-on to update re-install BitTorrent if you have previously removed it from the Services>Installed AddOns page.

ReadyDLNA – (Replaces the existing UPnP-AV server support) Enables playback of videos, music and pictures from DLNA/UPnP AV network media players. Also adds TiVo HMO support. For use with RAIDiator 4.2.5+ Only.

Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent for Linux and UNIX servers (RALUS) (v13.0) – The Backup Exec RALUS Add-On integrates a ReadyNAS with Backup Exec, improving performance and eliminating annoying error messages. It will require a license from Symantec. Announcement, More Information

Other Third-Party Add-ons.

Miscellaneous Patches

Enable ReadyNAS 2100 Fan Control (v1.1) – Use this add-on if you would like the ReadyNAS 2100 fan to be quieter by having the fan speed be temperature controlled.  The fan will drop to about 4000 RPM and will speed up automatically if the system and disk temperature rise.

Clean_SqueezeCenter_DB (v1.0) – You can use this if somehow the SlimServer settings were set in such a way where you can no longer access it. All this does is reset all settings to the default settings.

ReadyNAS Vault (v1.1.2 Aug 20, 2009) – Updates RAIDiator 4.2.5/4.2.6 with fixes and speed improvements.  Changelog can be found here.

Shell Access Patches

ToggleSSH – Toggles access via SSH, useful for NETGEAR support to remotely access your box to look at or fix problems that requires deeper understanding. SSH access is disabled by default.

EnableRootSSH – With the EnableRootSSH add-on, you can now remote login to the ReadyNAS RAIDiator shell as a root user. Initial password for root will be the same as the current FrontView admin password. Please keep in mind that NETGEAR may deny support if you’ve enabled root access.