*NEW* RAIDar 4.3.0 released

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*NEW* RAIDar 4.3.0 released

Postby chirpa » Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:37 pm

RAIDar 4.3.0

RAIDar is used to discover ReadyNAS devices on the network and start the ReadyNAS web-based configuration utility. RAIDar works with all ReadyNAS product regardless of the architecture.

You can download the latest RAIDar software here: http://www.readynas.com/downloads/

Notable changes since 4.1.6 release:

1. Increment version number to 4.3 to reduce confusion with RAIDiator 4.1.7 versions.
2. Added Linux RPM installation package.
3. Added Secure Erase option for disks during factory default. This new option allows all disks connected to the ReadyNAS to be securely erased in parallel. You will need a RAIDiator firmware release supporting this. Currently, RAIDiator 4.2.7 and above for x86 supports this.
4. Enhanced multiple network interface support.
5. Update Language strings and Help documents.
6. Added auto rescan. If no NAS detected, rescan every minute. If <10, rescan every 3 minutes. If >10, rescan every 5 minutes.
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