Ultra 2 memory upgrade

Ultra 2 memory upgrade

Postby NGeorgoulis » Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:01 am

Hi everybody, does anyone know how much memory i can put into this baby , and what kind?
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Re: Ultra 2 memory upgrade

Postby mdgm » Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:11 am

For most people I would think the standard 1GB would be plenty. Why do you want to upgrade to more memory? Memory upgrades are not supported. See http://www.readynas.com/hcl

If you examine the memory in the NAS you will be able to tell the spec. It would have a single memory module. I don't know what the limit is.

If you do do a memory upgrade be sure to run the "memory test" using the Ultra 2 Boot Menu before trusting the memory.
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