Kingston KVR333X64SC25/1G 1GB DDR1 / PC 2700 / DDR 333

Kingston KVR333X64SC25/1G 1GB DDR1 / PC 2700 / DDR 333

Postby f_at_lo » Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:05 am

I leave this note as future reference and potential memory upgraders:

I have two NV+ running with Radiator 4.1.8.

One, I was able to sucessfully update with 1GB RAM (Kingston KVR333X64SC25/1G). Memory test was passed successfully more than 4 times. The unit is runing smoothly.

The other one will pass the memory test (so far 5 or 6 times). But now the unit hangs while booting. First the blue power-LED will start to flash more slowly, then it will freeze - either off or in any of the intermediate on stages. THe display shows "Booting". The unit still works fine with the 256MB RAM.

I guess it only shows again what a gamble the memory upgrade is ... :shock:
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Re: Kingston KVR333X64SC25/1G 1GB DDR1 / PC 2700 / DDR 333

Postby jstambel » Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:08 pm

Thank you SO much for posting this. I've had a ReadyNAS NV+ for about 5 years and ever since I upgraded the memory to a 1GB module from Crucial I had terrible performance (in FrontView, moving files, etc.). I just replaced my memory module with this specific Kingston module and BANG! everything is working perfectly. This means I don't need to spend $$$ to buy a new device (from Synology) -- at least, for a little while longer. I only wish I would have found this post earlier -- it would have saved me so much frustration and angst.
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Re: Kingston KVR333X64SC25/1G 1GB DDR1 / PC 2700 / DDR 333

Postby Tennessee Slim » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:44 am

The 1GB Kingston KVR400X64SC3A/1G SODIMM in my NV has died. When I upgraded from 256MB, I kept the OEM SODIMM, so I could revert to that, but I also have one stick of Kingston KVR333X64SC25/1G I bought a few years back.

I tried out the KVR333 (which isn't on the HCL) when I first bought it, but the NAS was having periodic lockups so I replaced it with the KVR400 (which is on the HCL). It's run flawlessly ever since but it was the KVR400 that failed last night.

I had kept the KVR333, and used it to diagnose the failed KVR400. The NAS is running fine on the KVR333 at the moment, showing timings of [2.5-3-3-7]. I don't fancy having any more graceless shutdowns, but I'd also rather be on the 1GB SODIMM than the OEM 256MB.

So long story short, the lock-ups I was having with the KVR333 were five years (and many RAIDiator revisions) ago. And five years on, you guys seem to be having good success with the KVR333. Is it possible that those lock-ups might have been related to the old firmware, and that the new RAIDiator(s) cure the problem I was having earlier with the KVR333?

If there is no correlation, which is to say the lock-ups had nothing to do with the version of the firmware, I'd sooner go back to the OEM 256MB SODIMM and not risk any data corruption. Yeah, I could just wait and see but you only get to dodge the bullet so many times before it finally hits you in the tooches, and I'd rather not risk it.

TIA for your advice.
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