skifta android beta

The Skifta add-on allows you to shift your ReadyDLNA media from your ReadyNAS to a DLNA player (i.e. PS3, XBox 360, DLNA TV) at a remote location (family/friend's house).

skifta android beta

Postby TeknoJnky » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:46 pm

Installed this from market, I can connect and see my remotes (ultra 4 and pro business), however I get the error:

Code: Select all
skifta alert:
an error occured discovering local media sources

any time I try to view the 'here' tab or try to connect a remote to the phone 'choose player'.

phone = sprint evo 4g
android = 2.2 (custom rom, not stock)

you cant even configure/explore the app without enabling wifi, that is pretty silly.

not sure how useful it will be with not being able to use it over 3g/4g
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