HELP! How to secure my ReadyNAS (website)?

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HELP! How to secure my ReadyNAS (website)?

Postby RedNifre » Mon May 03, 2010 3:54 pm

Hey there!

I installed a public Wiki on my ReadyNAS Duo, but it's insecure! The Wiki comes with a .htacces-file, but the ReadyNAS Duo ignores it. Fortunately, there are some instructions on how to deal with this, but I'm too inexperienced to figure out what exactly would be the most appropriate way to fix it.

This official website has various instructions on what I could do, please have a look at it:
That page mentions a file ( which should be inaccessible, but unfortunately it can be accessed on my Wiki. :( What should I do?

When you explained to me how to secure my NAS, I would like to add the instructions to my tutorial on how to install a Wiki on a ReadyNAS Duo, would that be okay?
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