OpenDNS (Simple update Client)

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OpenDNS (Simple update Client)

Postby super-poussin » Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:30 am


OpenDNS (Simple update Client)
  • Description:
    this add-on will install bind which is a DNS service , and so you nas will act as a DNS but will forward all the requests to OpenDNS. So you will be able to filter web access. AND IT's FREE !!
    OpenDNS is the leading provider of free security and infrastructure services that make the Internet safer through integrated Web content filtering, anti-phishing and DNS. OpenDNS services enable consumers and network administrators to secure their networks from online threats, reduce costs and enforce Internet-use policies. OpenDNS is used today by millions of users and organizations around the world.

    you can filter by category :


    Web Content Filtering Categories:
    ■Adult Themes
    ■Business Services
    ■Educational Institutions
    ■File storage
    ■Financial institutions
    ■Forums/Message boards
    ■Instant messaging
    ■P2P/File sharing
    ■Parked Domains
    ■Photo sharing
    ■Search engines
    ■Social networking
    ■Video sharing
    ■Visual search engines

  • Requirements: RAIDiator 4.1.4+
  • Platform: DUO/NV+
  • Current Version: 1.2

    OpenDNS for Duo/NV+
    This add-on will only update your IP on OpenDNS Server

    • Installation Notes:

      • Please follow the steps :
        • you need to open an account on
        • setup filter level on opendns
        • instal the add-on
        • edit /c/addons-scripts/OpenDNS/opendns_updater and put your username/password in it
        • change you ISP DNS with OpenDNS DNS IP and on your router if your router is the DHCP Server or on you DHCP Server
        • wait 5 minutes
        • you can click on the test button in frontview ui
        • to see /addons-scripts a reboot is required
        • ScreenShot:

      • Credits:
        Official OpenDNS Web site
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